...our cheeses are handmade by experienced cheese makers using traditional methods and family values

Situated in the lush pastures of south Cheshire and with our heritage strongly routed in the tradition of Cheshire cheese making, we are dedicated to making genuine British cheeses.

We are devoted to offering the True Taste of Cheshire, providing the original taste used for generations and creating exciting new product innovations for the future. Our cheeses are still handmade by experienced cheese makers using time-honoured methods and family values. We make a wide variety of delicious, quality territorial cheeses, including award-winning Cheshire, Caerphilly, Lancashire and Wensleydale.
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  • Founded in 1886 by Samuel Reece and his son Frank, producing Milk, Cream, Butter, Ice Cream and Cheese
  • Our new dairy was built in 1989 which retains the art of traditional cheese-making with some automation to reduce manual handling

We are part of the Milk Link Group, the UK's most progressive integrated dairy business which is entirely owned by 1600 British dairy farmers. The profits generated by processing our Members' milk into a range of great tasting dairy products are returned to them to help provide a sustainable future for their dairy enterprises. In doing so, at a wider level, we also support the economic, social and environmental well-being of many hundreds of rural communities across Britain. Find out more about Milk Link click here